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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flyin' out to Seattle!

Mom is leavin' us in the care of Grandma an' Grandad for two weeks while she visits with our Auntie Toni, Uncle Jer, an' the rest of the extended fambly up in the Pacific NorthWET. She leaves tomorrow afternoon. Sigh.

The first time she flew up there, the plane she rode in was THIS ONE in the picture: Alaska Airlines' "Spirit of Disney" custom plane.

One day, Mom hopes to ride in the "Salmon Thirty Salmon" that is painted with a GINORMOUS salmon on each side. Pretty nifty: A flying fish!

Photos courtesy of Alaska Airlines.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt #108: FLAG

Today's Photo Hunter's theme is FLAG!

Mom's gonna be visitin' with our Oregon cousins for the Fourth of July this year. Sigh. Not that we don't
love hearin' 'bout Zoey an' the Furballs (with Cha-Ching) an' the rest of our Pacific Northwestern cousins, but we prefer havin' her around when the "Boom," "Zing," and "Pow" are goin' off all around us.

So, gettin' to the point of "Flag," we're not gonna have any patriotic stuff up for the big holiday unless Grandma an' Grandpa decide to decorate an' put out our Holiday Gizzy that Millie's momma made for us a couple of years ago.

The flag that we're using for this post is one that Mom saw last June when she was up in Vancouver, B.C. She was visitin' a place called Whiterock which is a beach an' tourist place AND the setting for a television show called "Psych" that is on the USA Network an' returns for a new season on August 7 (no, Mom's not a shill for the USA Network).

This last picture is the flag at the Vancouver to Washington border crossing where Mom sat for three hours (!) waiting to cross back into the U.S.A. Interestingly, it took less than ten minutes to cross from Washington into Canada ...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pumpkin Thursday


For those who are wonderin', Pumpkin is slowly feelin' better. Mom has been feedin' him extra (high calorie) treats like Temptations AND givin' him breakfast an' lunch to augment what he has for dinner. He's got a voracious appetite an' has gained an ounce or two in body weight. He has a hard time moving on the laminate floor an' stayin' balanced. It's almost as if his back legs are actin' like flippers.

What does that mean for the rest of us? Do WE get breakfast an' lunch, too? Nope. Only Pumpkin gets extra bowls of stinky goodness.

But the good part (besides Pumpkin feelin' better) is that WE get extra Temptations 'cuz we can hear the canister bein' opened an' we make our presence known when those snacks come out. It's pretty hard to deny us some treats when we're right underfoot an' LOUD!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heart transplant update!

It's been less than a month since our mom's furriend, Debbie, had a heart transplant an' she's already been released to recuperate at home. Can you believe it?

We're wishin' her the best of luck an' a speedy recovery. If anyone can do it, it's Debbie! Yay!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mom's Monday Musing ... With DaisyMae's commentary

Mom here: "I always get so jealous when I visit Daisy the Curly Cat (and Harley) and see that they've got more than 75 comments on a posting when my posting has eight ... Until I skip over to Bakerella and see that her most recent post (June 21, 2009) had 3,193 comments before she had to close the comment function! Good grief! More than 3 THOUSAND comments?!?

If you haven't visited Bakerella recently ... or ever ... and you want to see someone with serious food crafting skills, stop by her site (she's been on "Martha Stewart Living") and be amazed. Her cake pops are so cute and she's got such cool ideas for kids' parties or school events. I'm continually awed by her skills!"

DaisyMae Maus here: "Bah. Candy an' chocolate do nothing for me. If she decorates in Fancy Feast, or makes bacon pops ... call me."

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt #107: CREAMY

Happy 43rd anniversary to Grandma an' Grandpa ... An' a furry happy 6th Gotcha Day to Feline American Lucky Charmz. June 20th is a BIG DAY at our house.

Today's Photo Hunter's theme is CREAMY!

Isn't this photo of my CREAMY white tummy purrfect for this week's theme?

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Box Day!

This is one of Mom's favorite photos of Charmee ... He is the only Feline American who will immediately hop into a box when Mom says, "Get into your box!" So Charmee is the natural "model" for this special day!

Besides, tomorrow is Charmee's Gotcha Day, so we're humoring him with extra exposure on the bloggie. Nice gift, huh?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Does your 'bean like chocolate?

Hey, efurryone!  Let your 'bean know 'bout Mars Chocolate Company's "Real Chocolate Relief Act" Fridays campaign where your 'bean can get a coupon for a FREE full-size package of chocolate candy each Friday through September.  Your 'bean needs to sign up at an' then follow the link each Friday to earn a coupon.  Cool, huh?

Don't say I never told ya anything, okay?

Wordless Wednesday: Thanks, Goma!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Towels Toozday

With apologies to "The Big Bang Theory":

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur ..."

Efurryone knows that towels ... 

Especially ones hot from the dryer ...

Are irresistable.

Right, Charmee?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Maus Monday: The Feline Fashionista!

I got the Feline Fashionista "Poser" that I won by auction!  It's super fabulous an' it was made by the furry own Food Lady of Skeezix the Cat an' my beau, Rocky.

As you can see, it fits me purrfectly 'cuz the Food Lady made it to my exact measurements.  But I'm not as good at posin' as Skeezy or his big brother, Mao.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

EZ on Sunday with Sparky an' Charmz

Nothin' special goin' on today, so we might as well just snooze our Sunday away ...

Can you see me up high above the kitchen cabinets?

Mom worries that I'll fall to the floor an' hurt myself ... I've fallen just once, but I didn't hurt myself at all!  I'm tough ... a big ManCat!
I'm just loungin' on the back of a recliner bein' lazy!

One's allowed to lounge when one is this good-lookin', right?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Worried 'bout Pumpkin

Mom is furry worried 'bout Pumpkin an' that's makin' me distressed.  

Pumpkin has lost some weight an' it's furry apparent when he USED to be a big ManCat with ginormous paws an' jiggly flab, but now he's about 2/3rds of his weight an' is walkin' funny like he's constipated 'cept he isn't constipated (as is evidenced by the litter box).  The good thing is that Pumpkin still has his appetite, but the bad thing is that Grandma thinks that he might have had a stroke or somethin' ... 

Purrs an' healthy karmic thoughts are welcome.  Our big ManCat is only eight years old an' we're worried 'bout a Bridge trip way too soon.  

Mom bought some Royal Canin Baby Cat for Mr. P to raise his caloric intake a bit and maybe help with his muscle tone.

I'm worried ...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Busy 'beans ... baloney!

Hi efurryone ... I haven't been visitin' furry many bloggies lately 'cuz ... get this ... Mom says that she an' her thumbs "are too busy."  Bah!  

Tonight she's hostin' the awards banquet for her school's chapter of CSF (California Scholarship Federation).  She says that it takes squillions of hours of work just to host a dinner.  Again, I say "Bah!"  I think that since Mom has hosted this dinner fourteen times already that she should have it squared away enough to just do it on auto-pilot!  Am I right?!?  

Seriously ... how hard is it to wrangle 150 'beans?  It's not like she's wranglin' woofies or somethin', right?

Anyway, she's "claimed" that she'll be less busy in about a week when the school year is over an' THEN she'll help me to visit my furriends with more regularity.  Can I get a "bah"?