Life is my litterbox ... Grab the SCOOP!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earf Day!

Today is Earf Day, efurryone!  I am cellybrating by posting dis picture of da Earf made by the Zoolatry gurls, Maggie an' Zoey.  Fank yoo!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Six years old!

Today is Toffee's sixth birthday AND her six-month Gotchaversary all rolled up in one!

I want to remind Toffee that the past six months with her have been eventful with the hiding, the UTIs, the Sobakawa pillows, trips to the v-e-t, and baths.  But the purrs, and pets, and milestones have been pretty wonderful, too.  I wouldn't change anything about our six months together and I look forward to the rest of our forever.

Happy Birthday to my Monkey Girl, my baby girl, my Toffee Kyoot Ripple Fuzzypants!

Jessica, your "the Lady"