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Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally ... a Friday!

Mom says that she wishes that she were back in Surrey, B.C., on vacation ... Sigh.
We haven't seen Mom much this week an' when we HAVE seen her, she's looked like the woofie's dinner. It hasn't been that hot here; in fact, it's been kinda pleasant compared to where efurryone else is livin' with the HOTS an' all of that rain "across the pond."

So why does Mom look an' feel so run-down-at-the-heels? Yep. School started this week an' the first week of a new school year is kinda counted like woofie birthdays: One week is about as long as seven. Mom's tired.

Uncle James has been ridin' to an' from work with Mom, so he hangs out in her classroom at the end of the school day an' she sends him to the copy room to use the copier while she tries to get ahead (or at least caught up) with her grading. She THOUGHT that she was getting closer until she got seven new students in one class yesterday an' two more today who were snuck in by the counselors without lettin' Mom know. That sounds kind of sneaky an' underhanded, doesn't it?

Anyway, she got home about a half hour ago (two hours after they had stopped payin' her, naturally), an' she's vowed to help us to blog an' Facebook an' visit with our furriends 'cuz we've been VERY delinquent 'bout visitin' an' commentin' at your bloggies lately. We'll try to be better ...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Temperature Toozday!

Mom's cousin, Sharon, sent this photograph of the temperature thingy outside of her house in Gray's Harbor County in Washington State. It's over 100 degrees there! Ugh! I hate the HOTS! I'm furry, furry thankful to live in San Diego where it is much cooler!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gotta feel "zen" ...

Mom's new school year begins on Monday. She's excited an' absolutely delighted to have the wonderful new principal that she has this year ... But she's kinda stressed, too. She's teaching English 10. She hasn't taught English 10 since 2000 ...

I suggested that she meditate an' get all "zen" 'bout things. I mean, things can't get worse than they were for the past two-an'-a-half years, right?

So, Mom ... repeat after me: "Meoowwwwww."

Oh, BTW: The photograph is of a zen garden in Surrey, B.C., in the parking lot of the Duty Free store.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Meezin' on Monday ...

Since it's Monday an' Mom's been home for a whole week an' has just one more day of vacation, we're graspin' at straws for somethin' interesting to blog about. Mom suggested that we show a photo of our cousin Benjamin.

Benjamin hasn't been doin' any blogging for nearly a YEAR! An' since he hasn't blogged about himself, we feel compelled to tell the world that he's finally been given a middle name. Benjamin's middle name is ... get this ... THEODORE. Hee, hee.

If you wanna visit Ben's bloggie an' pester him, you can find him here!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Small town Sunday

When Mom was on vacation to the Pacific Northwest last week, she visited a very small town in Gray's Harbor County that held a part of her childhood: Her great-grandma's house. She drove by an' had to take a photograph of the house. It doesn't look as pretty or well-kept as it did in the late '70s an' early '80s. Mom doubts that there's still a huge garden in the backyard, either. Mom remembers learning to make beaded Christmas ornaments, admiring the paintings an' feather dioramas, eatin' frozen chocolate-covered bananas, an' havin' to be furry, furry quiet while visiting.

Mom's great-grandma had little birdies living in a cage in the dining room ... but no kitties or woofies. It doesn't sound like a furry fun place to visit to me ... I wonder if the current owners of that house know of the furry, furry, furry famous little boy who once visited his auntie at that house? Probably not ...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

SpongeBob SquarePants' Day of Happiness!

Today is Spongebob's Day of Happiness ... July 18, 2009. If you're a Spongebob Squarepants fan like Mom, then you should have your DVR set on Nickolodeon all day today for special episodes hosted by Patchy the Pirate and a screening of the Spongebob Movie at 8 PM tonight. Stop by Spongebob's Nick site for all of the details ... An' you can visit your local Borders and/or Waldenbooks store(s) for special events, prizes, an' surprises.

Be forewarned, though ... Spongebob won't be visitin' any of the stores for any "in sponge" meet-and-greets 'cuz he's stuck at Bikini Bottom for the duration. Sigh.

It's a good thing that we've got our furry own SpongePuff dressed up an' ready for action!

"Are you ready, kids?"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Award on Wednesday: Pet Supplies Place

We were readin' our email this morning an' opened up a message from Pet Supplies Place informin' us that we'd been recognized as their Cool Cat Site of the Day. Yowza! What a wonderful surprise.

They said, "Congratulations! ... on being chosen to receive our "Cool Cat Site of the Day" award. Follow the simple instructions below to place your award on your site. Any many thanks for creating a cool cat website for us and visitors to love!"

We met or exceeded their rigorous criteria for this recognition 'cuz they went on to say ...

"Your cat-related blog was chosen by our webmasters to honor your hard work and dedication in providing a quality website.

1) Excellent Quality Content.
2) Website Ease Of Use.
3) A Cat Blog That All Would Love To Read."

The award is pretty cool, but it doesn't fit so well in our bloggie's template ... but we can't change it 'cuz the code says "Do Not Alter Below This Line" ... Drat.

Awarded by:Pet Supplies Place

Cats Cat Collars Cat Toys Cat Supplies
Pet Store Pet Products Pet Supply Pets

Pet Directory - CandlesBabyCrafts Company

But still pretty nifty, right? 'Cept ... when I visited the website, I couldn't buy anything 'cuz there's nothing for sale yet. Hmmm ....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Today is our BLOGOVERSARY!

Today ... July 10th ... is our THIRD blogoversary.
We are THREE an' proud of it.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Even though Mom's not around (she's in Salem with Zoey, the Furballs, an' Cha-Ching an' Gus an' Perla's momma, too), we're celebratin' the Fourth of July with Grandma an' Grandad ... an' some grilled burgers. Happy 4th efurryone!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Mr. Pants' birthday!

We wanna wish a furry happy 11th birthday to Feline American Sparky Fuzzypants!