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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Clip Art from Thumbs Dreamtime

We wanna wish efurryone a Happy Halloween ... An' remind all of you living in the United States to set your clocks back an' hour at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 1st!
Be safe ... an' get lots of CANDY!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mud Tacos book signing

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How did Mom spend her evening? She went to the Borders bookstore in eastern Chula Vista to attend a book signing. Mario Lopez and his sister, Marissa Lopez Wong, wrote a children's book called Mud Tacos and Mom wanted to get a copy for our cousins, Ethan and Trentan, her god daughter, Sophia, and herself.

You see, Mario was Mom's student when she taught English 12 at Chula Vista High School back in the fall of 1990 when she was a baby teacher. At the time, Marissa was a sophomore and a cheerleader.

So Mom went to the signing and waited in a ginormous line more than two-and-a-half hours. She didn't get a photo taken because she had just her cell phone and the NBC people wouldn't allow a cell phone photo ... oh, well. But Mom did get all three of her books signed by Mario (Marissa wasn't at the signing). Mario was very cordial and was using his famous (infamous?) dimples to their full advantage. After signing so many books, he seemed tired. Mom asked him if he remembered her and he said that he did although he marveled that "someone so young looking could have been his teacher" (yeah, right). Mom didn't want a hug, but she did shake his hand politely and quickly left the building after getting the books signed.

Would she wait such a long time for autographed books if she had to do it over again? Sure. How many OTHER students of hers have written books? Not too many, I'd bet.

If you wanna buy the book, has it for less than list price and you can find it here: MUD TACOS. It comes in both English and Spanish versions, and is a very sweet story with good family values.

Oh, but don't get Mom started about the mother-and-daughte FREAK SHOWS who were right behind her in line. Can you say S•T•A•L•K•E•R•S???? They were two crazy chicks and Mom couldn't get away fast enough (Insert full body shiver here).

Mom told me that the best part of the whole evening was seeing her former student, Kathryn, who graduated from SDSU this last May. I like Kathryn, 'cuz Mom nicknamed her "Kitty Cat" an' of course, I like efurrything that has to do with kitties ... Don't YOU???

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mr. Tigger needs to go home to Texas!

Mr. Tigger STILL hasn't gone back to his home an' his fambly continues to search for him.

So I'm gonna say, "Mr. Tigger ... If you can hear me ... GO HOME! Samantha Black an' Maverick an' your momma miss you a whole bunch an' they're not gonna rest until you get your stripy buns back home!"

DMM & the Feline Americans
(They don't call me "Miss Bossy Buns" for nothin'!)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Teefs ... are clean, shiny, an' WHITE!

Mom put my harness an' lead on at 8 o'clock this morning an' trundled me over to the v-e-t to have my teefs cleaned. Since I'm sixteen, they did some kidney tests to make sure that efurrything was functioning properly ... an' other than some slightly elevated renal levels, I'm in furry good health for a geezer-ette.

The whole day of dentistry cost Mom a little over $300 green papers. I'm still groggy an' they shaved my right leg(!), so I have a Banfield bandage for another hour or so, but for the most part, I'm less worse for the wear.

I complained for some of the ride over (I serenaded Mom an' Grandma with my choicest an' bluest vocabulary ... Mom's not fond of "Me-yeowwwwwwuullllfffff" screamed at the top of my feline lungs), but was on my best behavior when I was weighed (10.4 lbs including harness an' lead), had my temperature taken (ouch!), an' had my pee an' blood stolen. I wasn't furry happy when I had my furs shaved ... Overall, the stabby place wasn't terrible.

Then ... Mom ... left ... me ... An' went out to breakfast with Grandma. They had bacon.

In the mid-afternoon, I was still really groggy ... excellent anesthesia on par to maybe a Grateful Dead concert ... an' wobbly, but my hearing was just fine. Big woofies were there when Mom was payin' the bill: A black ball-of-annoyance that weighed the same as me; a white puff-ball that weighed eighteen pounds (but I coulda taken him with one set of nubby clawrs tied behind my back), a fifty-one pound stripy pitbull girlie who'd recently had puppies an' had the attitude of a bent trash-can lid, an' then a GINORMOUS yellow lab girlie named Lady who musta weighed eleventy-squillion pounds an' had to wear a pink Halty on her nose 'cuz she was LOUDER than Mao ... Skeezix's brother.

While I was having my teefs cleaned, Mom dosed all of the Feline Americans with Feline Advantage 'cuz she paid for me to have some while under anesthesia (since I don't like havin' it put on) ... Mom DOESN'T wanna get any fleas in the house an' it seems like other "patients" aren't so careful 'bout pests like we are.

The v-e-t said that my back teefs looked pretty bad with all of that plaque and tartar on 'em. She even thought that she'd have to extract some of 'em! But once the calculus was removed, my teefs were BEAUTIFUL an' very healthy! Ta da!

I was so happy to see Mom an' Grandma ... They carried me in a twill bag rather than in the PTU an' I didn't pee on ANYTHING! Are you proud of me? On the way outta the store, Mom's former student aide, Stefany, saw me an' got to pet me on the melon. Stefany is a cashier an' she's wanted to meet me for years! I am famous!

So now I'm home an' less groggy. I've eaten some Temptations an' had a drink of water. I've even been to the 'box, but I haven't had to go much since my tummy's pretty empty.

I'll let you know how I'm feelin' tomorrow when I'm mostly back to normal ...

Oh, an' Mom bought my Halloween costume today ... Bast!


Friday, October 09, 2009

Teefs ...

Mom was on the phone to the v-e-t today ...

It seems that Catster an' Skeezix's momma the Food Lady
have been bloggin' 'bout "how to keep geezer cats healthy" an' efurryone suggested keepin' a close eye on teefs.

Apparently, my breath isn't as sweet an' pleasant as it has been, so Mom inspected my teefs an' found that while I still have all of my teefs, the canines have some yellow tartar on 'em. Well, whaddya expect when there are WOOFIES in my mouth?

So I have an appointment tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning to get my teefs cleaned. Bast!


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Empty house an' no more kitty cartons ...

Our Oregonian guests are gone ... They spent the day at the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park an' then zipped up the freeway to Anaheim for some Disneyland/Disney's California Adventure followed by NASCAR at Fontana.

We didn't get to spend nearly enough time with them, but they did get to see an' do some things that they don't get in Oregon like the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and the W.A.P. They also ate at local favorites like Boomerang's, Rubio's Mexican Grille (home of the fish taco), King's Fish House (which has better clam chowder than just about anywhere), In-N-Out Burger (don't get me started ...), Stuart Anderson's Black Angus (hee, hee ... I nearly typed "anus" ... darn lack of thumbs), Jalisco's for breakfast machacas, an' Casa Del Taco.

Supposedly, our cousin will be comin' back down to San Diego for a legal conference in February. That will be great. Mom might be travelin' up to the Pacific Northwest in the wintertime (like January) if the weather isn't too snowy.

But for now, they're gone. Sigh.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

'Tocks Toozday: Check out my 'TOCKS for 'Tocktober 2009!

Charmee is flashin' his 'tocks in honor of 'Tocktober ...

Don't tell him that we can see spots 13 an' 14 or he'll be pretty embarrassed (hee, hee ... pun intended).

BTW: Mom used the flashy box on Charmz before she used the kitty wipes on his buns. The brown crust is gone ... for now.

Yep, I'm a naughty Tuxie (blush) ...

Monday, October 05, 2009

WBCL ... in the new bags ... is in stores!

Our furriend, Drew, from World's Best Cat Litter, sent us a second package today. It's the same litter, but in the new packaging. It looks pretty darned spiffy in the green an' black bag with the tabby kitty on the front. Inside the package with the litter was a card from Drew explainin' that the only difference is the bag itself ... Whew! That's a relief! We like the corn-kernel litter as is!

But there was a surprise in the box with the litter an' the card: A special litter mat with the new design all nice an' big! Cool!

(Sorry Rocky! I gotta tell it like I see it ... an' he's HOT!)

Mom has put the litter mat under our water bowl in the kitchen 'cuz we keep splashin' water on the cabinet (an' we have a mat under each litterbox anyway).

Thanks, Drew! The new packaging looks awfully purrfessional an' we really love the kitty on our new drink mat! Mom has filled my personal litterbox with the new litter already an' I'm drinkin' extra water so that I can be the first to use the box! Yee haw!


Thursday, October 01, 2009

And the vouchers go to ...

THANK YOU to Bev, Emily and Eukanuba for the five FREE Eukanuba cat food vouchers that we were able to give away to ...

First of all, we wanna wish our Grandad a happy 71st birthday. Mom got him a furry cute t-shirt from Crazy Shirts with Kliban cats on the front (an' back) that says "Dadcat." He really liked it!

An' now on to the recipients of the Eukanuba vouchers that Bev an' Emily sent.

Each recipient will also receive a little Yeowww! prize pack from us: Some Yeowww! catnip an' a Stinky sardine.

We're contactin' the "winners" at their bloggies so that we can get these into the mail as soon as possible. Whoo hoo!
Sparky Fuzzypants was supposed to do all of the selectin', but he didn't wanna ... He only chose one.

Sparky chose Latte's entry, so Latte will be receivin' a prize pack with voucher! Yay for Latte!

Cocoa Francis Puff stepped up an' endured the tape on his paw to select the other four. Yay! Furkidsmom (aka Sniffie an' the Florida Furkids) gets one of the prizes from Eukanuba.

Olaf an' the rest of the The Ozark Mountain Cats are gettin' one, too!

An' the last voucher with prize pack goes to our new furriend, R.W. Emerson. He's Bathsheba's new brother.

Cocoa is an excellent chooser. He did furry well with the tape on his pawpads.

Too bad it wasn't that great blue painter's tape. We didn't have any 'cuz Uncle James took Mom's tape for paintin' the school an' he didn't have any left when he was finished (an' since he's good at takin' an' not replacin', we didn't get a new roll).

Here is Cocoa showin' off the terrific Yeowww! mini prize-pack from us. He REALLY loves Yeowww! 'nip an' that odoriferous Yeowww! Stinky sardine toy.

An' here are the vouchers good for one 4-pound bag of Eukanuba catfood that Bev, Emily, and the Eukanuba company sent for FREE! Our readers are furry lucky!

We wanna thank efurryone who left a comment on our September 20th post. Too bad we couldn't give each of you a voucher ... That would've been great. Sigh.

Concatulations to Latte Meezer; Sniffie an' the Florida Furkids; Olaf an' the Ozark Mountain Cats; Zoey, the Furballs, Cha-Ching an' Tigger; an' our new furriend, R.W. Emerson.
Please send us your snail mail addresses
(to daisymaemausATcoxDOTnet) so that we can get your voucher an' prize-pack into the mail!