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Thursday, December 31, 2009

... Onward into the teens ...

Mom is helpin' us to blog from our Aunt Toni's condo ... So, we wanna wish efurryone a safe New Year's Eve with the happiest an' healthiest 2010!

DaisyMae Maus, Cocoa Francis Puff, Sparky Kyoot Fuzzypants, (William Jefferson) Pumpkin, and Lucky Charmz

(and me, too ... Jessica)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Charmee and the Fling-ama-string

For ChristMAUS, Mom got us a Fling-ama-string toy. This is kind of a dull video, but Mom's still learning how to "shoot tape" on her iPhone. Perhaps there will be more exciting videos in the future? Oh, an' don't bother turnin' up your speakers 'cuz Mom doesn't say a darn thing an' there's no music.

Secret Paws: ChristMAUS 2009

We decided to jumble up all of the photos that Mom took of us openin' our Secret Paws packages for ChristMAUS this year 'cuz there were lots of photos an' Blogger doesn't make re-organizing them furry easy ... So, in no particular order:

Here's a photo of me on Boxing Day ... I didn't have anything to exchange 'cuz all of my presents are PERFECT for me (an' I'll even share with the boys). Now why is the photo sideways? Mom's iPhone an' the photo enhancement software make things kinda difficult ... So we're gonna leave the photos sideways. It just makes things more interesting. Right?
Sparky Fuzzypants is investigatin' the box that came from Hansel and Tesla. It had goodies in it like fev-ver butt FISHIES!

Samantha Black sent a Secret Paws box where efurrything was wrapped in tissue paper! Fuzzypants LOVES playin' in tissues, so he's havin' lots of fun here ... Mom didn't get a picture of Charmee dive-bombing Fuzzypants an' tissue flying efurrywhere ...

Ooo ... a fev-ver butt fishy is gettin' examined by Sparky Fuzzypants ... Fun!
This is a Watermelon Cat figurine that Mom's cousins, Kirsten an' Matt, sent for ChristMAUS. It's sitting in the china cabinet where efurryone can see him ... Oh, an' Kirsten an' Matt are the parents of Zoey, the Furballs, Cha-Ching, an' Tigger!This is what Samantha Black sent in the Secret Paws box ... There are toys like some 'nip wands (that smell yummy!) plus Sheba foods an' mousies, an' 'nip soft blocks, an' some Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys! YUMMO!
This is the card ... it's a non-vishus deer ChristMAUS cat an' a whole bunch of BOWS! Mom likes to stick the bows onto Charmee an' watch him shake them off ... He wasn't too enthused 'bout those bows.

This box of goodies is from our SECOND Secret Paws present. It came all the way from Iowa! Patches an' Nemo were our Secret Paws ...
If you look closely, you can see a photo of Patches an' Nemo. They are furry photogenic (an' give excellent presents). There's a turtle fishing toy an' nummy Temptations! Oh, an' some Tiki Cat foods ... Even two plushy 'nip toys called "Flea" an' "Tick" that we'll enjoy biting!At dinnertime, our Uncle James an' Aunt Lori came an' opened the Secret Paws present to our woofie cousin, Shadow. Hansel an' Tesla's woofie was Shadow's Secret Paw! Shadow got some cool presents like a plush LOBSTER!

All of Shadow's loot looked furry interesting, but we didn't investigate it 'cuz that LOBSTER looked mighty ferocious an' we were scared.
These are two of the FIVE boxes that we guarded until ChristMAUS.
This ginormous Gizzy-style quilt was made by Mom's cousin, Kirsten. It is a ChristMAUS tree made of hundreds of one-inch boxes of fabric. It must have taken a long time. Unlike our Gizzy quilts made by Millie's momma, our mom won't let us lay on it. She says that it is hers an' not ours. When will Mom learn that EFURRYTHING in the house is ours?
Here is Charmee searching for his blue fev-ver butt fishy from Hansel an' Tesla.
Oh ... THERE it is! Oooo ... an' that nifty catapult toy is attached to the front door's knob right now ... Don't tell Charmee, but I have plans for that mousie that's currently attached ... hee, hee.
This is the ChristMAUS letter that Hansel an' Tesla sent ...
Charmee is snoopervising the box's contents an' wants Mom to open the Catapult NOW!
Charmee checks out Patches an' Nemo ... an' the presents they sent, too! Hmm ... treats look furry delicious!
Charmee checks to see that all of the presents have been opened an' is disappointed to see that they have ... Charmee asks, "How many more days 'til ChristMAUS?"
Okay, back into the box. Charmee wants Fuzzypants' fev-ver butt fishy, too!
"Okay, okay! Keep your fur on, Charmee! I'll give you a fishy."
"Ahhhh ... There's nothin' like a cardboard box an' a fev-ver butt fishy!"
If Charmee hides beneath the tree, he thinks that he's invisible ...
Check out all of the tissue-wrapped presents from Samantha Black! Mom had a good time helpin' us to open them.

This is what the package from Patches an' Nemo looked like before Mom opened the photo an' the card. Thank you, efurryone! We will be sending appropriate "thank you" notes this week ... Smooches to Samantha Black, Patches an' Nemo, and Hansel, Tesla, an' their woofie!
DaisyMae Maus, Cocoa Francis Puff, Sparky Kyoot Fuzzypants, Pumpkin, an' Lucky Charmz (and Jessica, too)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Charmee attacked Cocoa Puff AGAIN!

Yesterday, Mom an' Grandma spent the better part of the day at the Banfield Pet Hospital with both Puffy an' Charmee ... Mom had been smelling a rather rank odor in the living room and washed just about everything including Puffy's buns, but the odor wouldn't go away. Mom felt Puffy's ears and they didn't feel hot (like last time), so she got closer and sniffed Puffy's back. Ah ha ... the source of the odor was indeed Puffy. After running her hands down Puffy's back, Mom discovered some infected tooth marks and this time ... a pair of nasty abcesses. Charmz had once again tried to murder Puffy.

This time, Mom took both boys to the v-e-t for evaluation. Puffy needed surgery and the insertion of TWO drains this time ... plus a hefty dose of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds. Charmz got a full evaluation and rather than filing his teeth, he's gonna be put on some anti-anxiety medicine called Buspirone that will HOPEFULLY reduce the "felicidal/fratricidal" rages from him. Charmee was very good for the doctor, but he tried to rip Mom's face off when she was trying to insert him into the prisoner transport unit ... It was so bad that Mom had to put an Elizabethan collar on him so he couldn't bite her.

Puffy is resting comfortably, but the grandparents are gonna hafta deal with the doctor visits an' dosing Charmee while Mom is gone on her trip.

Think healing thoughts for Puffy, patient thoughts for our grandparents, and anti-psychotic thoughts for Charmee ... okay? Thanks!


Our ChristMAUS newcomer!

Yay! Just in time for ChristMAUS, we have adopted Coconut Flake from the Cat Blogosphere Shelter ... an' she is HERE! Yay! We're so happy to welcome her to sunny Sandy Eggo. Whoo hoo!

DMM an' the Feline Americans

Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21 ...

Well ... It's December 21st an' Mom is FINALLY finished with the last of her pre-vacation duties: Today was the trip to the dentist for a check-up an' cleaning.

Since she's now officially on vacation (an' leaves for her visit to Seattle next week), I'm makin' sure the sheets an' pillows are extra-comfy on the bed so that we can get in some snuggling time before she leaves us with our grandparents for a week or so.

You'd think that Mom would WANT to spend her vacation here in Sandy Eggo where it's warm an' she can do lots of fun stuff like chillaxin' an' snugglin' with me ... But no. She wants to visit the cold, wet snow an' hang out with our cousin, Benjamin.


Happy ChristMAUS to you an' your famblies ...


Did I mention that Mom's gonna miss my sixteenth Gotchaversary an' that it's just ten days away??? Well, she is.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Argh! Get the lead out, Mom!

I cannot believe that I haven't posted since Turkey Day! What is with my mom anyway? She can't be THAT busy that she hasn't been available for bloggin' when she knows how important it is to me that I get to visit my furriends and leave comments on their bloggies, right?

I got a Secret Paws package yesterday an' Mom stashed it beneath the otherwise naked tree sittin' in the dining room. I know that Skittles has matched me up with someone(s) an' the Feline Americans, too ... but have we mailed ours yet? No. In Mom's defense, the boxes have been constructed an' addressed. The presents have been purchased (I've seen 'em). But nothin' has been put INTO the boxes yet.

The same goes for our cards. We got a furry cute Kliban card from Perfectly Parker TODAY! Parker is on time an' Mom is late, late, late! Mom has printed the cards an' purchased the envelopes, but nothing has been addressed yet ... so there's still time. IF you haven't ever received a ChristMaus card from us an' you want one, please email me before Friday, Dec. 11th. OR if you've moved since last ChristMaus an' we don't have your snail mail address ... an' you'd like a card, please email before Friday, Dec. 11th. Mom has promised us the use of her thumbs all weekend ('cuz she bailed on us last weekend to build two china cabinets an' she tweaked her right elbow kinda nastily). So hurry, efurryone! It's nearly ChristMaus!

Smooches ...