Life is my litterbox ... Grab the SCOOP!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Mine name is Toffee Ripple Fuzzypants an' I am a ripple for PEACE!  Yoo can be a ripple for peace, too.  Visit mine furriend Mimi at to get yourself a peace globe an' join the worldwide effort to bring peace in our time!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

It's cold!

Sunny San Diego has been pretty cold lately, so I'm gonna cuddle wif mine Lady.  She has a leopard-print robe an' she holds me inside of it an' lets me hab all of the warms.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Toffee's Resolutions for 2015

Since dis is MINE blog, I am making MINE resolutions for 2015 ...

1.  Blog more.  Make more postings 'bout mine activities an' ME!

2.  BISIT more of the blogs of mine furriends.

3.  EAT more treats an' Fancy Feast Broths.  New flavors wif chick-hen are coming in 2015 an' I want dem for ME!

4.  CUDDLE more 'cause I am a furry good cuddler.  The Lady says that I am!

5.  Blog for PEACE.

6.  Send lots of holiday cards like I did in 2014.  The man in the bloo shorts said that I have many, many furriends.  I do.

7.  Purrticipate in Secret Paws again ... for my THIRD time.

8.  Play wif more toys.  I have lots an' lots of toys an' the Lady says that I could play wif them ... They are MINE toys.

9.  Use up all of the green litter box bags so that I can get PURPLE ones.  I use mine litter box a whole bunch an' I habs green litter box bags for scooping.

10.  Learn to get up on laps, eat bacon, an' let the grandma lady and grandpa man pets me wifout shivering.  The big uncle is too scary.

This is mine checklist.  I wanna try deese fings ober the next twelve monphs.